Motor Dummies

Large-scale motorized dummies are space-disrupting elements that make a big impact on the public. They never go unnoticed. They have the ability to bring to reality almost any creative idea that the client or agency has in mind for advertising purposes.

They are ideal for launches, accompanying events, launching points of sale, opening of massive events, signage of large spaces, entrance of massive events, fairs and sporting events due to the wide exposure they offer to large audiences. The multidimensional effect they give to the intervention of the space
is always striking.

Characteristics of our Motor Dummies:

  • They are made of Lafayette’s Lafsol Camper, Camperink, Campero and Reebag resistant material. 100% polyester fabric, waterproof, with UV protection, lafgard coating. Color and migration fastness, tear and tension resistant.
  • Size requested by the customer.
  • Product printed by color transfer, environmentally friendly technique.
  • Product delivered in carrying case.
  • Imported Continuous Feed Motor, Light weight, high quality with safety protection.
  • All our products are delivered with instructions for use and warranty.



Products with a variety of sizes and designs. We use various substrates to impact your brand. Products suitable for display at points of sale, events, fairs, concerts and sporting events, among others.


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